Strategic Consulting

The rapid pace of technology evolution is impacting organizations in a profound way.  Market pressure is building and technology adoption is changing competitive landscape at an unprecedented rate.  OntoReason Consulting can help you negotiate the technology  mine fields and focus on those technologies strategies that will show the best return on investment for your organization.

Technology Strategy

OntoReason Consulting develops technology strategies that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers.  We help bring order to chaos in organizations where there is too much to do with out enough resources.  We help our customers make sure IT investments align with corporate strategies, goals and objectives.

Informatics Roadmap

OntoReason assists organizations in creating technology roadmaps to support enterprise level system integration, service standardization focusing on interoperability, and prioritization of effort based on strategic alignment.  Our goal is to turn our customers from data rich but information poor organizations to data rich and information driven.

Ontology Derived Knowledge-Base Integrated with Reasoning Framework Ontology Derived Knowledge-Base Integrated with Reasoning Framework

Ontological Modeling

OntoReason Consulting is a leader in using semantic technologies to help customers to more effectively leverage their date across the enterprise improving the quality of information and data, improving its value in planning and better support for management of business operations. Read to learn more...

Knowledge-base Solutions

OntoReason Consulting developes complex knowledge base systems, integrating semantic knowledge bases and expert system rules to create decision support solutions; key performance indicator monitoring systems; risk alerting, imact assessment, mitigation planning, and management applications.  OntoReason Consulting provides a complex multi-agent expert system framework to assist in integration of expert system solutions across the enterprise.  Read to learn more...